Quinnipiac University School of Law

Society for Dispute Resolution


Fall 2019 Update!

On September 28, 2019, the Society for Dispute Resolution will host its annual intramural competition where students can try out for a chance to be on the competition team. SDR is one of the few opportunities that first year law students have to be able to try out for a competition team, and have a chance to compete in competitions such as negotiation, client counseling, and representation in mediation. Also this semester, SDR is excited to send students to the annual ABA Negotiation competition, as well as a few others, including an arbitration competition. Stay tuned for an update on those competitions.

The Society for Dispute Resolution is also excited to announce that this March, Quinnipiac will be hosting the annual ABA National Client Counseling competition. This is a huge opportunity for Quinnipiac, and SDR is currently looking for practitioners who are interested in judging. If you’re interested, please contact SDR.Quinnipiac@gmail.com for more details. Thanks to those who have helped out as a judge, mock client, or coach and those who plan to do so at the upcoming competition. Quinnipiac's strong showing within the ADR community is a result of your assistance and support!

Last Spring, SDR sent students to compete in the annual ABA Client Counseling and ABA Representation in Mediation competition. All students who competed did an excellent job, including recent graduates Taylor Matook and Catherine Fiore, who went on to compete in nationals for Client Counseling. Further, SDR also sent two students, Alyssa Bang and Patrick Hoeorle, to UConn’s first ever negotiation competition. Both competitors received excellent feedback and represented SDR well. We’re excited at the prospect of sending students again this year to all three of these competitions!

If you'd like to be more involved, please email us at: SDR.Quinnipiac@gmail.com.