In 2018, the Society for Dispute Resolution (SDR) expanded the number of competitions in which SDR members participated. In October, we sent teams to New York Law School’s annual Intellectual Property Law competition. At this competition, 2Ls Megan Spicer and Matthew Parenti competed as a team, along with 3L Taylor Giancarlo, and 2L Caroline Womack. Both teams received positive feedback from their judges, and Giancarlo and Womack won Highest Score in an Individual Round, and Womack won Best Advocate for the whole competition.

In November, Quinnipiac Law hosted the annual ABA Negotiation Competition, which focused on employment law. Three teams competed at this competition, with teams comprised of 3Ls Alissa Bang and our former Center on Dispute Resolution Fellow Leah Mantei; 2Ls and our current Center on Dispute Resolution Fellows, Jessica McDade and Rebecca DeBiase; and 1Ls Jill Durso and Patrick Hoerle. Durso and Hoerle placed third in the overall competition, and Quinnipiac Law received great feedback for being an excellent host!

In January, SDR sent a team for the first time to Tulane’s annual Sports Law Negotiation competition. 3L Kaitlyn Hennessey and 2L Ricardo Reyes did a fantastic job representing Quinnipiac, while gaining valuable experience in negotiating in a new field.

This spring, SDR is sending teams to two more competitions: the annual ABA Client Counseling Competition and the annual ABA Representation in Mediation. Stay tuned for an update in how our competitors do in these competitions. For now, send good vibes our way.