Quinnipiac University School of Law – Society for Dispute Resolution Update!

The Society for Dispute Resolution is excited to welcome new competition team members this fall. SDR will hold its annual intramural competition on September 29, 2018, giving new students an opportunity to join our competition team and broaden our participation in future competitions. In addition to the intramural competition, SDR will be sending teams to the ABA Regional and Intellectual Property Negotiation Competitions.

Last Spring, we hosted the ABA Regional Representation in Mediation Competition on February 24th and 25th. We were excited to host teams from law schools across the country, including some of our very own: Matt Parenti, Ginny Paino, Victoria Miller and Nicole Heroy (all 1Ls at the time). Fellow SDR Competition Team members, James Demetriades and Ryan Flament, coached both teams. Congratulations to all of those who competed, QUSL could not be more proud! 

Coming up, QUSL and SDR will be hosting the ABA Regional Negotiation Competition on November 9th and 10th. We will be happy to announce the names of our competitors in this competition, when the event is over. For now, just be sure to send good vibes our way. 

Calling all potential judges! We are looking for 36 judges for the upcoming ABA Regional Negotiation Competition on Friday, November 9, 2018. Please contact SDR.Quinnipiac@gmail.com for more details. Thanks to those who have helped out as a judge, mock client, or coach and those who plan to do so at the upcoming competition. Quinnipiac's strong showing within the ADR community is a result of your assistance and support!


If you'd like to be more involved, please email us at: SDR.Quinnipiac@gmail.com