Monday May 20, 2019

12:00 PM - 4:30 PM

As an advocate for parties in divorce and family matters, you understand that each case is unique. Finding the right solution for each family is important.  Often mediation is the path to that solution.  This session will cover how to get the best results in mediation for your client and his or her children. 

This workshop focuses on best practices for advocates in this specialized area of practice.  The session will touch on the basics, like choosing the right mediator and the right point in the case to mediate, but the discussion will go well beyond those initial considerations. Among other things, we’ll explore how to set reasonable expectations for your client and others involved in the mediation; when to bring experts or other invited guests; how to effectively use demonstrative presentations; and how to best use the mediator’s skills. 

Workshop faculty: Melinda Gehris and Carrie Kaas

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