2019 Conflict management Institute

Early registration through April 22.

From May 20 through May 23 we will host a series of half and whole day workshops. You can register for a single session or the entire week through the registration link below. Prices are based on the number of sessions you register for and early registration is available through April 22. 


EARLY BIRD (Number of half-day workshops) 1 workshop: $95, 2 workshops: $180, 3 workshops: $225, 4 workshops: $300, 5 workshops: $375, 6 workshops: $450. Full-day workshops - 1 full day: $180, 2 full days: $300.

REGULAR (Starting May 21) 1 workshop: $110, 2 workshops: $200, 3 workshops: $285, 4 workshops: $360, 5 workshops: $450, 6 workshops: $525. Full-day workshops - 1 full day: $200, 2 full days: $360.

REGISTRATION For Workshops Opening Soon

Schedule, Brief Descriptions and Faculty Bios for each workshop may be found through the "Learn More" buttons.

Tentative Schedule of Sessions


REGISTRATION For Workshops Opening Soon Please check back in mid-February

For more information, please contact Bill Logue at the Quinnipiac Center on Dispute Resolution, 860-521-9122, or email centerdisres@quinnipiac.edu.

Basic Divorce Mediation Training - May 22 - 23

The Connecticut Council for Non-Adversarial Divorce and the Center on Dispute Resolution are cooperating to offer as part of the Center’s Second Annual Summer Institute this special two-day program on Basic Family Divorce Mediation. This program is designed specifically for individuals who have already taken 30-40 hours of Basic Mediation Training and need further family-specific training in order to meet the membership requirements for CCND.

The program focuses, in depth, on the essential legal, psychological and financial principles of family mediation. Emphasis is placed on providing practitioners with a roadmap of the divorce mediation process and practical strategies to effectively mediate the complexity of divorce and family issues. Registration for this particular training is with CCND directly; see

*Some programs are co-sponsored by Connecticut Agricultural Mediation Program.